Making Green Building Cost-Effective

Chine have recently commenced a development using a new and environmentally friendly blockwork system-Durisol

Durisol is a premium quality construction material that’s recycled, renewable, and energy efficient. Trusted around the world for over 60 years, Durisol is the safe, reliable alternative to timber-frame construction. It can also save you up to 30% compared to the cost of traditional brick and block masonry.


  • Made from 80% recycled wood, treated not to rot or burn
  • BRE Green Guide Rating of A
  • Exceeds Building Control requirements
  • Fireproof at 1100 degrees Centigrade
  • Acoustic performance to 63dB
  • U values as low as 0.15
  • Breathability yet air tightness of around 3
  • Low energy manufacture with low embedded energy
  • Waste recycling at every stage of the manufacturing process including site waste


 One of the Blocks at our West Drayton site has been designed around this product, and whilst it has thrown up some challenges for our on site team . as well as technical challenges (re-bar design and laying of concrete alien to a brickwork contractor!), however , good progress is being made as you can see from the following images...............


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